Here are some ideas that you can develop to start your own Mobile Business App.  

You can make money by using a subscription based model and / or selling advertising spots. 

Creating any sort of Local Directory 

  1. Restaurants / Food Delivery / Fast Food / etc.
  2. Hotels / Room Rentals / etc.
  3. Mechanics / Car rentals / Car parts / etc.
  4. Shopping directories
  5. Picnic areas / Hiking trails
  6. Events and Festivals guide
  7. Sports
  8. Family Events
  9. Local Film Makers
  10. Local Musicians
  11. Real Estate
  12. Schools and educational centers
  13. Recreational activities (Yoga/ Art Studios)


Guides Ideas

  1. Animal friendly places
  2. Touristic city guide / interesting places to see / tips / tricks / phrases / maps / emergency numbers / adverts
  3. Wheelchair friendly places
  4. Gaming guides


Local Booking Services

  1. For taxis
  2. Any kind of rentals
  3. Restaurants
  4. Plays and theaters


Local Delivery

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Groceries
  3. DVD stores
  4. Cigarettes and Alcohol

Create a mobile app that sports Discounts, Promotions and Special Prices by generating a voucher code.


Information apps

(Collect data from around the web and from blogs. Keep updated) Get users interactive by sending in their pictures, articles, stories, recipes and more to generate fresh new content. 

  1. Marketing / Social Media tips and tricks
  2. Trending topics
  3. How to Apps
  4. Hobbies
  5. Animal care
  6. Recipes
  7. Health and diets
  8. Sports / Fitness / Gym / Training /
  9. Pregnancy and Baby


Create a Daily 

  1. comic strip
  2. Inspiration / Joke
  3. Photo of the day


Free Apps with monetizing opportunities

  1. Build an app for a religious institute
  2. Build an app for a charity
  3. Build apps for NGOs
  4. Create a hub for local artists to post their events


Idea generator – User generated content on any category you like –

  1. What to do on a Saturday night
  2. Shoe string budgeting
  3. Gift ideas
  4. Certain situations
  5. Romantic gestures


Create apps for clients.

  1. Examples
    1. Coffee shops and restaurants
    2. Florists
    3. Hairdressers and \Makeup Artists
    4. Bars, Clubs, Lounges
    5. High-street shops
    6. Yoga / Craft / Art / Music studio
  2. How to make money
    1. Sell the app custom made with a onetime fee and then charge a yearly maintenance fee.
    2. Create a standard template app and sell it as a monthly subscription base


Create a Mobile App Store. Chose a niche market

  1. Design T-shirts and sell them on the mobile app
  2. Sell crafts and unique art work
  3. Collect items from local stores around you and sell them for a percentage.